Monday, August 8, 2011

Deep Fried and Delicious

A few friends and I decided to spend our last glorious weekend abroad in Dublin, Ireland. We made the most of our two days with a walking tour of the city, a pub crawl, an afternoon trip to the seaside village of Malahide, and of course, some yummy eats.

 The beach at Malahide Village

Dave, our hilarious, obnoxious, English-bashing tour guide took us to a pub that served an amazing stew in Dublin's notorious Temple Bar area. It was a fun experience, but the following day we decided to hit up a pub in a slightly less touristy area north of the River Liffey. We were served massive pots of delicious Irish stew with tender meat and vegetables. And for dessert? A deep fried mars bar.

If you've been to the Texas State Fair, you're more than familiar with all sorts of deep fried things from bacon to butter (what?!).

Deep fried latte? What the what?!

Actually this dish is *GASP* not Irish! It originated in chip shops in Scotland in the 90's and its popularity has spread ever since. It combines a gooey, marshmallowy (new word?) chocolate bar with a crunchy sweet batter, and don't worry, it's an excellent source of sugar, fat, and calories.


This brought back a fond, sugar rush of memories from my childhood...and from about four months ago. When I was eleven, a friend and I approached my mom with a handful of snickers and milky way bars, begging her to fry them for us because we had seen someone do it on TV. That woman is always looking for crazy kitchen experiments, so of course, she agreed. Half an hour later we were buzzing around the house and jumping on the couches with chocolate smeared all over our lips. About ten minutes after that, we were passed out on the living room floor in a food coma.

Now we fast forward to college, where few things have changed. My friends and I experiment in our apartment kitchen, which has led to some epic disasters (jack daniels shots with bacon?), but our latest experiment was a beautiful success--oreos fried in a pancake-like batter. I dare you to try it.

Fried Oreos Recipe

1 package of Oreos
2 cups of Bisquick
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups of milk
vegetable oil for frying
Powdered sugar (optional)
Ice Cream (optional)

Preheat the oil in a deep pan until it reaches about 350 degrees. Be careful.

Seriously, be careful.

Place some paper towels on a plate. The cookies will go straight from the fryer to this plate to drain.

Blend the bisquick, eggs, and milk until smooth.

Dip the oreos in the mix and gently place in the hot oil. Hey, don't drop them! The oil will splatter and you'll be in pain and this wont be fun anymore.

Keep checking and turning the cookies, they will turn a lovely golden brown color and they'll fluff up nicely.

Remove them and let them drain on the paper towels before serving them to your hungry friends. Enjoy!

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